Engi是日文的《缘起》 从日本回来开始要创业时,需要为自己的品牌想个名字时,就回想起在日本很喜欢的两个字,那是北海道厨师常常在我面前提起的"Engi"。当时,因为日文的理解能力不是很好,虽然听不懂"Engi"是什么意思,可是感觉到"Engi"这词应该是好的意思。  后来去了解《缘起》的意思时,觉得很符合我的心情。。。 缘起-我和烘焙之间缘分的开始,那颗炙热的初心将是《缘起》的灵魂。  在打造《缘起》的道路上面对各种挑战和挫折,唯有秉持着那颗初心坚持到今天,明天,还有更多的明天

Engi originates from the Japanese word 《缘起》. While returning back from Japan, I wish to start a business with a new brand name. I recalled the word that I like, which was often mentioned by Hokkaido chef - “Engi”.   I was not apprehensive to Japanese at the time, though could not really understand the word “Engi”, but thought that it would be a meaningful word. After studying the meaning behind 《缘起》, I feel that it really strikes my chord.  Engi - The beginning of 'fate' between bake and I, the fiery aspiration will be the soul of 'Engi'. Even when facing with challenges and frustrations, we will stick to our first heart and persevere to the end.

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